The experience value of a journey not only consists of the sightseeings but a lot of small meetings with locals in their daily life, too.


To support the local economy and to experience these meetings, we have some suggestions for you…





Indians love their hot sweet tea (Chai) on the street. Everywhere you find small stalls with someone boiling tea for everyone. Did you ever get up at the crack of dawn, slipped out of your hotel to see the city getting awake with a hot Chai in your hand? You should give it a try to enjoy this special atmosphere once on your trip to India!



It is incredible what a huge variety of sweets one can produce just out of sugar and milk. Everywhere in India there are shops with a good selection on display. Soemtimes you can even watch the production just next to it. These sweets are very filling. If you still want to taste as many as possible, it is best to go together with a bunch of people, order from each one and share them into mini-servings. Then you can look for a nice spot for sitting, forget about the calories and enjoy the sweet seductions –  enjoy your meal!




Men who cut hair and shave are in India as sand on the beach. From a single chair on the roadside with a mirror in the tree up to big saloons there are all varieties. Trust these experienced hands, get your face foamed and the hairs of the beard removed (don’t be afraid, there is never blood!), cut your hair – a relaxing head-massage is always complimentary. These occasions or just for men, ladies go for beautification of their hear to the…


Hair cutting, dying, dressing, removing, face putting make-up on, nursing, massaging, hands manicuring, feet pedicuring – in Beauty Parlours women are getting cared, relaxed and beautified.






Mehndis you can have on a large area on arms and hands or just a small pattern on the back or joint of the hand. The Mehndi-artist will be very happy about the appreciation of her skills. But also other indian ladies are likely to examine your hand/arm and smile happily. They like it when the travellers are valueing something from thair culture.


Indians like to play, especially cricket and a little football. They are most happy if you join them on the playground and play with them. Mostly there are no matches with strict rules, there are just a bunch of people with a ball and bats who start playing. It is not so important to be good, but to have fun. Who thinks that activity is too exhausting, can get friends by an expert-talk, Many sikkimese taxi-drivers have badges of their favourite british or spanish team from the football-league on their car, but german football is also highly valued.




In India many people don’t have cameras. But they like to have pictures of themselves. Usually they like to be photographed. For some people it is connected with the hope of getting a print. In bigger villages and cities you find everywhere photoshops, which will print the photos from the memory card quick and cheap. If you hand over these prints in time and at best personally we can guarantee: the happiness will be great!