Basically we divided the destinations in India after their areas/states. That makes a lot of sense as these are usually a good unity regarding culture, landscape and people. So one can have a more intensive insight in a smaller region than just short glimpses into far away destinations.


But there are exceptions. One can travel with emphasis on a topic and has to reach out therefore for different areas. Concentrating on a topic one can get a better understainding of connections. And India has to offer quite some topics. Here we are introducing some in short. For an individual offer or questions please contact us!

On Buddha’s Footpath

Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, was born in Lumbini approx. 2.500 years ago, grew up in Kapilavastu, left the palace and after some attempts with askese attained enlightenment under the bodhi-tree in Bodhgaya. He established a new teaching, the buddhism, gave teachings and spread his insights. Buddhist communities formed and also rulers were influenced. The places of his life and work are spreading in a bigger radius in the nowadays Nepal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Many buddhist followers from different countries visit these places on a pilgrimage. We think, it is a good opportunity to approach the teachings of Buddha and at the same time being fascinated by the historical aspect. How could the awareness of one man become a world-religion? There are several possibilities to visit these places – a detailed description you can find in this printable PDF




Two of the most famous and popular tea-types are growing in India: Darjeeling and Assam. But the tea-plants are not only growing in these two areas, there is also a tea-plantation in Sikkim (Temi Tea) and many tea-fields in the South like the Nilgiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu and places like Munnar in Kerala. The different flushs, types and processions can be tasted at a tea-tasting, you can watch the plucking and processing on the plantations, enjoy a tea-time in old heritage colonial-style hotels and get a better insight into the workers life on a homestay on Makaibari tea-estate. Makaibari is organised after antroprosophical rules and supplier for Demeter – a very special tea-estate, which is since establishing indian owned.


We arrange a special tea-tour according to your wishes or integrate parts of it into a tour which goes anyhow to tea-growing places.


To taste a chai at a tea-stall in the streets we recommend anyhow for each indian journey!


Mouth-watering Indian Cooking

Indians love to eat! Famous for artfully spicing is the indian cuisine, which has lots of regional varieties and specialities. To approach a foreign culture via their food and eating habits is quite likely for Indians, too. For travellers who like to taste, eat, cook, engage with with food products, we like to arrange special tours focused on this. You will stroll on markets, get to know new vegetables and fruits, indian cooks will show you their cooking-secrets, regional specialities will be served for you, you will get to know the effects of the spices, taste some of the countless sweets produced directly on the streets, dine in fine restaurants and discreet eateries, explore the street-dhabas on “Foodwalks” – and if you are close to them, you have to visit a spice-plantation. And for sure we go shopping with you – beautiful cutlery can be purchased in India for a good price. Please tell us what you are especially interested in, where your journey should go – an we will arrange a mouthwatering tour for you!


Textiles, Handicraft and Cloth

Silk from Varanasi, Blockprinting at Jaipur, traditionel weaving in Sikkim, world-famous textile museum in Ahmedabad, finest Kashmir-Wool from the Changthang in Ladakh, Aritari-Embroidery – Indien is well known and famous for cloth and textile-processing of most different kinds. Every region has their own methods, patterns, specialities. Next to just watching you also could do something! Tailor together with a local your own Salwar Kameez, weave your own small scarf, train yourself in spinning, produce a Kantha-Textile (Quiltprinzip), learn other techniques with cloth and different material – for sure according to your state of knowledge.


Indulge yourself in the different materials, colours, patterns, have a look into the places of production and processing, marvel about the art of textile, have expert-talks about weaving-techniques, grub for the most beautiful cloth in the shops, meet fashion-designers, go for treasure-hunting of old saris – we arrange a tour for you according to your chwelgen Sie in den verschiedenen Materialien, Farben, Mustern, schauen Sie in die Produktions- und interests, fill your tour with elements of the textile-sector, enrich yourself with meetings of experts – just talk with us about your desires and our suggestions!



India as the craddle of yoga offers not only many different yoga-styles (Ashtanga, Iyangar, Hatha, Kundalini…) but also centres/ashrams, in which these can be learned and trained. If you want to experience different styles and ashrams, we cann arrange a tour for you. Or you might want to exercise daily with a teacher – we can arrange one which accompagnies you on your tour. You’ll find everywhere a good place for your yoga-mat!