Small but beautiful! Rajasthan is by no means known for great tours on foot, but these are nevertheless possible and a special, wonderful experience off the beaten track. The Aravalli Mountains in Rajasthan have altitudes of over 1,700 metres. Our tours take place in southern Rajasthan, a region that is less frequently visited than the northern desert areas. The arid mountains and hills are surprisingly diverse. In addition to the experience of nature, the encounters with people are a highlight. The slow pace of the journey means there is always time for a chat.

Interactive Trekking

We have a short trekking tour on offer in the Kumbalgarh area. It takes 4 days from Sumer to Ranakpur via Kumbalgarh or the other way round. You will sleep in beds in proper accommodations, the large luggage will be transported by car. The daily stages are up to 6 hours long – enough time for encounters with the people. The area is slightly mountainous and leads through many villages and past farmsteads. We like to visit these. The people belong to different ethnic groups. This is a good opportunity to find out more about their lives and everyday routines and, in some cases, to join in. Our guides are well known and welcome everywhere. As trekking in Rajasthan is an absolute niche, the number of visitors is very low. Best chances for an interactive trek. In between visits, however, the landscape experience should not be underestimated. What looks rather uniform from the car reveals an astonishing variety of plants, wildlife and rocks at walking pace.


You only carry your day rucksack including a packed lunch, flat trekking shoes are sufficient.


Day Hikes

We have various day hikes on offer in the south of Rajasthan. There are options in the surroundings of Udaipur, the individual routes of the interactive trekking tour can also be undertaken as a day hike and there are tours in other places. There are various highlights such as views, animal sightings and temples as well as interesting encounters with the local people. In the hotter seasons, you have to start very early and take a long lunch break; from December to February, the temperatures are pleasant all day. We take snacks with us and on some tours a freshly cooked lunch awaits us. Thanks to the good road network in Rajasthan, hikes can be shortened or extended.