First meet us. These are the people, who can organise everything for you and who know everything. And if they don’t know something, they know whom to ask.


Meet Yangla, too. The name of our company has a nice story. As there is a little girl in Ladakh… Read more 


Yangla is not only a tibetan girl’s name, but also has the meaning of “Light”, “candle”. We think, that someone always can need a light while travelling!


Nana Ziesche



1992 I travelled the first time to India. I really wanted to see the Indian Himalaya and so I got to know some parts of Himachal Pradesh. 1993 I returned to India and got really high, to Ladakh. I was hooked. Again and again I travelled there. 1997 I did my first tourleading with a ladies tour (we did the first real all-female-trekking – participants, guide, cook, helper, horseladies, all were female. Just some luggage horses not ;-)). 2000 I jumped into self-employment and founded the travel agency Ladakh Travel, which I renamed Yangla Tours in 2014.


Every year I spend several months in India, leading tour-groups, exploring new destinations and offers, start and cultivate contacts and learn always a tiny bit more from the huge India.


Me myself I was always a rather slow traveller, who liked to get to know places more intense than touch lots just slightly. While walking in landscapes and through cities, many more exciting meetings and suprises are happening. Also I love the encounters with the locals – no matter wether we are getting hot heads while discussing in english or do jokes without words. For sure my own preferences have a strong influence on our offer. On the other hand I have a graduation in educational sciences, that means I really like to find for each traveller the tour/way of travelling that suits best to her/him. As all people are a bit special.

Yangla Tours is a 1-woman-company,

which for sure doesn’t work on its own. I am connected to agency-partners in India with who I partly work together since more then 10 years. We are tied by a friendly working relationship – I really appreciate that in this field. All of us have one priority: happy travellers make us happy! That is our biggest motivation and the engine which keeps us tireless in motion. Get to know my partners here:


Tundup Dorjay



Tundup is my partner for Ladakh. We started working together in 2004 after I became dissatisfied with the previous partner-agency. Since then we achieved a lot. Tundup was the first Ladakhi who studied Tourism at the University of Pondicherry. He is an experienced and talented organiser, who makes everything impossible possible and knows half of Ladakh by person. Tundup is really engaged in tourism in Ladakh, organises every year in the season’s finishing a cleaning trek and likes to care – if time allows – personally for our guests. Two times he has been in Germany and therefore knows our native customs.


Prashant Maurya



2002 I got to know Prashant on a joint trip from Manali to Leh. He is an extraordinarily friendly mostly smiling man with a huge passion for ecology. Originally he is from a small village close to Varanasi, but moved with his parents to Delhi, studied and then worked in tourism mostly in Rajasthan.


When his company sent him to Goa, he fell in love, married the Goanese Nelita, settled down there and started his own travel agency. Prashant is like a clever fox doing well suiting itineraries and has a network of helpful contacts spread all over India, who fulfill with heart and reason all your travel-dreams. Prashant keeps the overview and is mostly responsible for everything south of the Himalayas. He takes care of all details and if it suits, he is very happy to meet you!


Bhawani Singh



Bhawani lives in Bikaner and introduced me to the Rajasthan of the villages, the rarely visited desert around Bikaner and lots of gems off the beaten track. Also he and his family (his wife is a phantastic cook of rajasthani delicacies) included me with huge hospitality, which we would like to offer you, too. Bhawani is a travel agent himself, but limited to the Bikaner-area. But he also has a Homestay in the village Siana and organises cameltours away from the touristic routes. His lovable extended family is very open and happy to show our guests their life-style and take them a little bit into the rajasthani daily life. People, with who one feels immediatly comfortable. Therefore he is a very important partner for Rajasthan.


Gopal Chettri



Gopals family emigrated generations ago from Nepal to Sikkim. With his wife Gauri and his daughters Niti and Niki he lives in Gangtok. They are very hospitable and happy, if the travellers could at least come for a tea, but maybe even for learning how to cook sikkimese specialities with Gauri. Gopal joined us only in 2013, but since then he couldn’t only show me but also some of our guests Sikkim and the closer places like Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Gopal has a big talent in organising and a inexhaustible network of useful contacts. His likable nature and his big heart adds the special extra to your tour.

Sumesh and Sreejith

Sumesh and Sreejith are our partners for Kerala. They are very concerned about a whole concept of sustainable tourism involving villages and villagers. That meets our fondness for meeting people in their daily life, sharing experiences with the travellers. Together they are a great team complementing each other. Sumesh is the big brain behind everything whereas Sreejith is the hospitable heart taking care of the travellers. For both tourism isn’t just a job, but a kind of lifestyle. We just started working together in the end of 2018, but these guys are so easygoing and comfortable around you that it is easy to become friends quickly. Based in Kozhikode they manage your tour with great love and enthusiasm.

2 points are obvious:

Only one person (me) is not indian.

Your advantage: You are getting the information and advice from someone with a similar cultural background, have the asset of the head office registered in Germany (money transfer, place of jurisdiction), but most of the money goes directly to India.


Just one person is female

In India it isn’t easy to find travel agencies with women as the head. Some of them only started when the cooperation with my partners already proofed to be positive so that I didn’t want a change. But nevertheless for sure we support women and there there are some we like to introduce here, too:


Suman Rathore



Suman is the wife of Bhawani. She comes from a family with 5 girls and a latecomer boy. All girls got a good education and keep a strong bond together. Each year around New Year they meet in their parents home and laugh and talk until late in the night. Suman has a daughter and a younger son and takes care of the parents of Bhawani, who are in need of care. She loves dresses, make herself up, dancing, cooking and talking. Guests are always welcome whom she and her both sisters in law serve delicious food and entertain and offer to have glimpse into the life of a rajasthani joint family.  She is a great instructor, teaches the guests the first steps and moves of the Ghomer-dance, knows the best shops and assists not only with the choosing but also with the bargaining.

Gauri Giri



Gauri is the wife of Gopal from Sikkim and works in the botanical garden. Her both daughters Niti and Niki go for school. At home she organises the household with the help of regina, a kind girl from Nepal. She enjoys meeting people from other countries and welcomes them in her house. Her kitchen is very suitable for cooking classes for small groups and Gauri as same good cook as instructor.

Nelita Coelho

Nelita is the wife of Prashant. She is from Goa and likes to live there with her widespread family. In the Basement of the house in Margao she has a shop for ladies dresses. Next to that she supports Prashant in the tourism wherever she can – she is answering mails, when it gets tight for him, takes care of bookings and is a charming conversational partner, when both of them are successful in meeting the travellers themselves. Prashant and her are a well-rehearsed team, like two “Brownies” the take care in the background that your tour is going on smoothly.


The Office-Ladies of Ladakh


In our partner-agency in Ladakh there are many women working. More than on this picture, which we cannot make as small and round as the others. These women care for your booking, arrange for a smooth office-process – and are good for any fun. Some are married, some not, some have children, some not, some work here “since ages”, some joined just shortly. Maybe on your journey you get to know one or the other.