India is the birthplace of yoga, in Kyrgyzstan a large part of the population is virtually grown together with the horseback (at least from time to time), you can whizz down the ski slopes in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and India, dancing is popular everywhere, while cricket is reserved for the Indians and Nepalese. How about simply joining in, trying something new and having an interesting and enjoyable travelling experience?


If you are travelling to India, where yoga was born, and have a little interest, you should not miss out on taking part in a yoga class. In principle, there are public programmes in some places where you can join in for an hour – or we can arrange a private lesson. There are more traditional areas for yoga such as Varanasi or Rishikesh, but in principle it is possible almost everywhere. While in Germany the teachers tend to be female, in India there is a large male surplus. All you need is comfortable clothing and a yoga mat is provided.


And if you want a very special experience, go to laughter yoga! This often takes place in various parks early in the morning – a good idea to start the day in a good mood.



Kyrgyzstan is the land of horses and of course people like to ride them. There are many opportunities for travellers: you can either book a horse trekking tour or spend the whole day or just 1-2 hours on horseback in the countryside. It is particularly popular at Son Kul Lake. Inexperienced riders are well guided, others ride independently with a guide. And for those who prefer to watch other people on horseback: the best place to do this is at the infamous Kok Boru, where two teams on horseback compete to carry a dead goat across a finish line.


Georgia also offers excellent riding opportunities in the mountains – either trekking or day/hour rides. The view from horseback simply makes the landscape look completely different.


In India, there are good riding opportunities in Rajasthan; the Marwari horses are known far beyond the borders of India. Advanced riders can ride in style from palace to palace or to camps in the Thar desert. There are also horses in many other parts of India, but the riding opportunities are suboptimal and limited. It is rather uncomfortable. However, Indians also like to be carried up to temples at high altitudes – often on horseback. But this is perhaps more like “horse sitting” than riding.


Of course, it is also possible (almost) everywhere to take a horse with you on treks for accompanying children, who can ride it all the time or from time to time.



Skiing somewhere other than the Alps is definitely always worth an experience! India has three ski resorts (Gulmarg, Solang Valley and Auli), with Gulmarg offering great opportunities for deep snow skiing. In Georgia, you can whizz down the slopes at Gudauri and in Kyrgyzstan at Karakol. Of course there are also opportunities for snowboarders and ski tours! It’s not on a par with the Alps, but skiing in these countries has a charm all of its own. For people who don’t like that or want to experience something else: there are also sledges for hire in many places. Nepal has no lifts.



Who would like to try out the rather obscure sport of cricket for themselves? Where there is space and at least 2 people having a bat and a ball, you can practise and play in public areas. We will be happy to arrange a practice session to familiarise you with the game. For background, we recommend the film “Lagaan” – it is very, very long, but exciting and Indian-funny, but afterwards you will at least have an idea of the game.



Anyone not yet familiar with the infamous dance scenes in Bollywood films? Bollywood dance has become a dance style in its own right and has now even found its way into the “Let’s Dance” show in Germany. The steps to a popular song/dance are often practised at home or learnt in a course. Would you like to try it too? We would be happy to arrange a short Bollywood dance taster session for you.


There are also traditional folk dances, which are usually learnt in childhood in India and can therefore be performed at festive occasions. Folk dances are not only popular in India, but also in our other destinations Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Armenia. Would you like to try it out and get an introduction? We are happy to make this possible for you!


Georgian dance is spectacular and known far beyond its borders. We recommend searching the web for some dance videos: You will be amazed! It’s more popular to watch a performance, but why not learn a few steps if you’re interested?


But maybe you don’t even need a dance lesson and you still get the opportunity to take part in a dance at a party, festival, disco, wedding, private or other event. We say: don’t miss the chance – no matter what kind of figure you make on the dance floor, you are welcome to move joyfully together.