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For over 20 years we have specialised in individual travel for one to many people. Our core area is India – as a subcontinent it is actually sufficient for the most diverse travel experiences. Nevertheless, we have left the borders, got to know good partner agencies and also offer other destinations.


What is most important to us and what we do best: create an individual travel plan that you can say about afterwards:

It was a great fit!


We like slow travel, hiking/trekking, visiting villages and meeting people. But most of all, we like satisfied and happy travellers! And to get that, we throw all our experience, people skills and enthusiasm into planning and organising your trip.


India is more of a subcontinent in size, with the advantage that every month there is an area with a particularly pleasant climate, offering landscapes from jungle to beach and desert to the highest mountains, and a wide variety of cultures, peoples and castes with interesting lifestyles and traditions. “Doesn’t exist” fits neither this diverse country nor us, who are happy to share our knowledge with you. Our other destinations just add to the pleasure of having a big bag out of which we can offer you the best suitable travel-idea.


Find out more about your targeted area in the Destinations section. Here you will find all kinds of interesting information on activities, cultural experiences and special travel ideas. Or simply fill out our long travel enquiry form:




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Travel Destinations

India is big. Very big. We specialise in the north, but offer tours all over India. And then more countries have been added! We present our most important destinations here.
















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