Cycling is a good way to get around anywhere – although there are various challenges:

  • Large cities that are not bicycle-friendly and follow different traffic rules.
  • Overcoming steep altitudes
  • Cycling in thin altitude air
  • accommodation can be scarce on multi-day routes

In principle, a decision has to be made first: do you want to spend an entire trip on the bike saddle or integrate one to several multi-day routes or only use the bike for days at a time? For the former, definitely bring your own bike, for the latter, rent one locally (there are some available almost everywhere), for the middle, let’s talk!


The rental bikes are usually of quite good quality with many gears, especially in rougher areas. Only in Goa or Kerala, for example, for shorter distances and on the beach, are they of a simpler design. E-bikes are just coming, but in some areas we can offer tours!



If you like cycling up and down mountains, you will find great opportunities in Ladakh, Sikkim, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal. In rural areas, the roads are less busy and you can enjoy the scenery. We also have some routes in the mountains where the bike is transported up and you just whizz down.



In Goa, it’s great to drive long distances along some beaches – and back again via the parallel road.



Rajasthan also offers good opportunities for longer cycling tours. In winter it is not so hot, the rural roads are less busy and the differences in altitude are low. A great opportunity is a guided bike tour through morning Jaipur with stops at special places.



In any case, we think a bike route always makes a nice change in the tour itinerary! And why not exploring a city cycling instead of going by car or walking?