The History

My first self organised grouptour was in 1997 a women travel to Ladakh. We did the first female-only ladies trekking, that means guide, helper, cook and horselady were women. We hiked the Markha Trek and were constantly asked, where our men were? At least our local accompagnying male staff. Whaaaat? Not a single man? In the highest camping on 4.700 m our women emptied the jerry cans, used them as drums and allured singing with loud voices all other male staff of the other trekking-groups to our tent, marveling about the concentrated women power.


Despite that I didn’t specialise in women travels (in Germany there was already Frauen Unterwegs – Frauen Reisen doing that quite well) but in Ladakh and that for different target audiences with several focus’.


But still I was eager to support women in India, offer meetings and emphasize in women travels. Long time I worked together with Frauen Unterwegs – Frauen Reisen and was tourleading many women travels in India (Ladakh, Sikkim, Rajasthan). During that time I got into contact with other travel agent specialists and maintained an active exchange.


Womengroup-travels are a great thing. That should stay like that. But all these marvelous itineraries, we worked out partly together, other travellers should also enjoy – alone, in pairs, in small groups.



With these tours the travellers also offer support for the local women, who have partly not much experience (guides, but also the ones being visited), but huge enthusiasm. The women are usually so much engaged and charming, that the focus usually changes from “cultural knowledge” to “daily life knowledge”, means that the travellers get a much better insight into the visited country with the talks as the women tell much more about their life. And they become usually much more invigorated and motivated to continue with something.


We have experience with our own work in India: Suman from Bikaner/Rajasthan got a good push to be more involved into the travel agency of her husband, Premit from Sikkim is managing meanwhile with her husband an own very successful homestay, Dolma from Ladakh stopped doing tourism, but is very engaged in education and says that the talks with “our ladies” supported her a lot, the 2 young nuns from Ladakh doing the Dharma-Talks in the past were growing a lot and so happy about their first chance to do something on their own etc.


Together with my partners (even if some agencies have male heads, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be active in women-supporting tourism) we offer:


Individual Travels with the focus on getting to know the daily life of women somewhere else


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These are the destinations, where we knit (haha) meetings with women with other favored activities and sightseeings – just as you wish. Guides are local english-speaking women. Some have more, some less experience. Dedicated, adorable and charming are all of them.


Please get into contact with us and we tailor a marvolous women travel for you!




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