Journey to Sikkim

For travelling to Sikkim there are several possibilities. First one has to fly to Delhi or Kolkata and can consider spending some time there.


From Delhi one either takes a flight to Bagodgra or a train for about 20 hours to Siliguri/New Jalpaiguri. The train-journey is very suitable for a stop-over in Varanasi. For the distance to/from Varanasi you can choose comfortably a nighttrain.


Also from Kolkata you can either take a flight to Bagdogra or a (night)train to Siliguri/New Jalpaiguri.


Bagdogra/Siliguri/New Jalpaiguri
From here you will be taken by the car and then you can choose wether you want to be driven direct to your first destination or use the opportunity for a ride in the toytrain. The toytrain drives very slowly and slipshodly to Darjeeling. One can enter at many stations - or also do a train-ride later directly from Darjeeling.  Worthwhile is a sector with this classical of a trainride in any case!


Travel around in Sikkim

In the whole area next to the Toytrain you only have the car available as a motorised method of transport. The distances in this small state are usually short, but take long as the road condition is not really good. The monsoon is and keeps being a huge challenge to the road-builders - not only for the surface but also for the threatening landslides.


In Sikkim one is forced to slowliness. So you could also turn the tables and decide for the slowliness and for example against the motors. As on many of the roads and especially the smaller roads there is few traffic, Mountainbiking is good fun. Also many ways invite you to Walk - not necessary to make a big trekking. Distances between 1 hour and a whole day are to find all over the area.


One also can have a look at Sikkim from the air, means that Helicopter-Flights for up to 5 people are offered. But unfortunatly due to the sensitive border to Tibet/China it is not allowed to get close to Kanchendzonga.


Who is tempted for a Motorbikeradventure: you can do tours from a day-trip up to several days. You can rent the nice classical Bullet Enfield here.


Locals, who don't own a car, mostly travel by Shared Taxi. Next to the driver there are sitting 2, in the middle 4 uand in the back also 4 people - so quite squeezed. Sometimes places are prebooked, sometimes you can start spontanious. On the way more people are taken and places occupied multiple. That is sometimes a little uncomfortable, but mostly interesting. Who wants to try this from a distance can do this for sure!



Sikkim has to offer accommodations everywhere, partly for a variety of different taste and wallet. In many houses they lay emphasis on sikkemese design.


Heritage Hotels, as one might know from Rajasthan, are unfortunatly not as often, but there are some. Either established by the old royal family or built by the british, these houses contain interesting treasures from the past plus a comfortable furnishing.


Of the many Hotels and Guesthouses in the bigger (touristic) places, which can go up to 5-stars (or better said: there is only each one in Gangtok and in Darjeeling) many of them can boast with the Kanchendzonga-view, which one can have from many rooms, sometimes even directly from the bed.


Who likes to stay close to nature but still deluxe, will find a good place in one of the Resorts or in a Farmhouse. Morgens zwitschern Vögel, der Blick schweift ins Grüne und man kann viel an Flora und Fauna direkt von der Unterkunft erblicken.


Also in Sikkim you can find nowadays Homestays. In several villages the families have changed their traditional houses for the guests and offer an authentic village- and family-life. Some of them are more classy and deluxe, some are more simple and basic. But all of them offer a great hospitality, lots of enthusiasm (many of them don't exist that long) and a tasty local food.


Please tell us what is important for you regarding accommodation and we'll suggest the most suitable ones for you!