Especially great will be the visit of Sikkim for lovers of Flora and Fauna. It is one of 26 hotspots in the world regarding biodiversity. Many species are shielded in national parks and protected areas.


The national animal of Sikkim is the Red Panda, which is very rarely to spot. It belongs to the endangered animal-species and sleeps mostly during the day on crotches. Also snowleopards and bears are very rarely to meet. Who really wants to see these has to visit the zoo in Darjeeling or join a special expedition.


Yaks are easier to meet in higher altitudes and also with bluesheep one can be lucky.


A special paradise is Sikkim for bird-watching. There are 552 registered species including quite some very rare ones. For sure we like to arrange a day with a special bird-specialist or even a whole tour with an expert for you (tipp: a combination of Rajasthan and Sikkim would be quite an interesting tour!)


Regarding flora we definitly have to mention first the orchid with more than 600 species - the proud of Sikkim. Many are growing just somewhere in the nature, but you can see a good selection in the flower show in Gangtok. Same interesting are the 36 species of rhododendren, which are floweing in April/May. Apart from that there is a big variety of plants and trees according to the different altitudes. Due to the altitudes between 300 and 8.586 m the biodiversity is nearly endless.


Next to walks with special plant-experts we offer also tours for the ones interested in herbs for medical purposes.


To summarize our offers:
- bird-watching one day or more
- plant-excursion
- medical-herbs-tour
- nature-walks



The monsoon with the peak-period in July/August is in Sikkim quite heavy, means it really rains a lot. In the last decades the record has been 11 days of continous rain. For sure nobody really wishes to go for Sikkim in that time. Maybe except the ones who like to get to know Sikkim without tourism. You have everything for yourself and get to know the hard side of life with landslides, leeches in the jungle etc. But all that rains is needed by the vegetation, which is fully sprawling. But for sure it is not constantly wet but also breaks from the rain. But anyhow: don't forget rubber-boots and umbrella!


There are many issues in Sikkim which children will love: the integration of animals in the daily life, monasteries with exciting stories and space for own exploration, variegated nature, other children, children-friendly locals, many attractions for children and outdoor-life. Sikkim is a quite clean area with unintrusive people, who make the stay with children relaxing and easy.

Only: they have to like going steep ascends. As there are plenty...


Please contact is when you consider to travel to Sikkim with children! We can talk about doubts and maybe dissipate these, look for solutions, create ideas - just according to your children.


It is better to be good in walking when travelling to Sikkim. And when going in the car, one should be "bumpy-resistant". Sikkim is not the easiest travel destination, when being handicapped. Not everything is handicapped accessible, but there are possibilities to get arranged. They try everything that you will be comfortable. Some rooms are at ground level, the beds are soft, the room-temperature can be adjusted with AC or fire-places and cooks are experienced with different diets. Also medical facilities are good. Apart from that old age is well respected in Sikkim - an experience you won't get everywhre at home.


For sure limitations are extremly different - so please contact us when thinking about travelling to sikkim. Usually we can look for a solution and see, that the world is usually bigger and better accessible as it seems sometimes.