In Rajasthan all means of transport are available. No matter wether you come from Delhi, Mumbai or any other part of India, Rajasthan is easily accessible by car, train or flight (although due to ecological reasons we don't recommend short distances in the plane). Within Rajasthan it is easiest to tour around in a car with driver, who also takes you to the villages. The bus system is indeed quite broad in Rajasthan and busses go also to the most far away villages - but that is sometimes quite rare and time-consuming.


The indian train-system is one of the largest and most fascinating of the world. Apart from a night in the train or a distance on a day there are also sectors of historic importance. As the Maharajas of Udaipur and Jodhpur planned for a train-connection for easier visits, the sector between Kumbli Ghat and Phulat was a special challenge due to the rough and hilly terrain. These 22 km were finished in 1935, for which the train takes nowadays 1:20 hours. One shares the simple waggon with the locals and enjoys the wild-romantic landscape. This train-ride is a really nice experience!


For a better and varied experience of Rajasthan we recommend to take as many different means of transport as possible. A train-ride should be included, a local busdrive (with guide) is exciting for a shorter distance, in the cities you can try autorickshaws - and in the desert for sure the camel!


Also it is possible to use active forms of locomotion as cycling, horse-riding or trekking.


Please tell us what you absolutely don't want to miss on your travel-experience. We integrate your wishes in a comfortable and inspiring tour.



After independance and Indias passage to democracy as well as the later landreform by Indira Gandhi many Maharajas and other life peers and large estate owners lost much of their income and couldn't afford anymore their luxurious lifestyle and keep their elaborate palaces in good condition. To keep a good income and preserve at least the beautiful architecture and interior decoration, many of them changed their houses fully or party into so called Heritage Hotels. These span from most expensive rooms in Umaid Bhawan in Jodhpur to a wide range of payable accommodations allover Rajasthan. Very special are the huge estates in small villages, where families since generations are connected to the locals and can offer these jobs in the hotel. Mostly one can have a talk with someone from the family and get to know more about the system and the changes.


On the countryside you can find as well a small number of so called Resorts or Lodges, where you can stay close to nature and still very comfortable. These are usually very quiet and one has time for animal observations, can get relaxed, reflect over the journey at the end of it or join the offered activities.


Who is interested in getting more contact to the urban middle upper class, should overnight in a Homestay. Many families made up soem guestrooms and share their family-life with the travellers. They are usually very open-minded, friendly, fluent in english and have a great pleasure in contact with the guests.


Just at a starting point are the Homestays on the countryside. Despite the many bigger cities most of the people of Rajasthan live on the countryside in villages. To get to know this life a bit better a stay at a local family in one of these villages would be a great opportunity. We would like to arrange something for you!


Definitly not be missed on any India-trip should be a train-ride, best with an overnight. Most of the trains offer 4-people-compartements with 2 berths on top of each other, clean bed-sheets and often dinner and breakfast. Every once in a while there are people offering tea, cld drinks, munchies etc. (for sure not in the night), you get into contact with other travellers and get a good insight into one of the biggest train-systems of the world.


For honeymooners, birthdays or other special days we like to book for you one or several nights in the most beautiful Suites of the wonderfullest hotels. That is pure luxury - a little bit more expensive, but for special occasions just the right choice.


Apart from that there are countless varieties of the usual hotels, guesthouses and a special disign-hotel in Jodhpur. Please tell us about your preferences or ask in case you have special wishes - we will see what we can include when and where in your itinerary.