The bells are ringing ...


You are a western-indian couple and want to marry in India?

Then it is the best to leave it with the indian family of the indian part of the couple 😉

But everything !apart from that we can arrange for you!


You are a western-indian couple, want to marry in India and bring guests from your home-country?

Then you and your indian relatives have already a lot to do. We would like to take the organisation of the journey of your guests off your shoulders and take care of their stay in India before and after the wedding. Who takes such a long-distance-flight to attend a wedding, would like to take the opportunity and get to know a little more about the country. We organise round-trips, wellness-stays, acitivities for your guests in Rajasthan - or elsewhere!


You are a western couple and would like to have your marriage in India?

This is connected with a bureaucratic effort, but will garantee you an extraordinary most romantic wedding. Rajasthan offers the best setting with its fairytale hotels and festive rooms for an unforgetable start into the married life. We do the organisation, talk about all details (ceremonies, guests, decoration, menu, music, service, entertainment) and arrange everything so that you can celebrate carefree. I (Nana Ziesche) offer myself as the wedding-photographer or we care for a good indian collegue.


You are a western couple, married already in your home and want to have a free ceremony in India?

There are no borders for the phantasy! No matter which reasons you have to wish for a ceremony in India (Maybe you met here? Maybe you have a special relationship with India? Maybe you like the extraordinary?) - we arrange the desired ceremonies at the place you want to be.


You are a western couple, want to marry at home and have your honeymoon in Rajasthan?

We take care that you will have an uncomparable romantic time together with magic candlelight-dinners, wellness- and massage-possibilities, fairytale rooms in maharaja/maharani-style, sightseeing of beautiful places and for sure the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal shouldn't be missed. Music- and dance-performances, a camel-ride at sunset, long shopping-trips - whatever you want for a marvelous honeymoon. Please talk with us about your dreams - we will make them true!



First hot, then wet


The summer in Rajasthan is hot. Very hot. In the desert the thermometer likes to climb up to 45°C. The hottest time is April/May/June. In July the long awaited monsoon arrives. Compared to other parts in India it is quite sparse, but mostly important for the people.


During April to August gthere are less travellers - good chance to have Rajasthan for yourself and feel into life under these harsh weather-conditions. During monsoon it is beautiful to see how the dry landscape starts blooming, the rain downpours in cloudbursts, the people enjoy the precious water and collect it with their traditonal methods (keyword: rainwater-harvesting). On top of that on 15.8. there are everywhere lovely festivities for Independance day.



From small to bigger


There are many aspects of Rajasthan children will love: integration of many animals in the daily life, palaces with exciting stories and space for own discoveries, other children, children-friendly grown-ups and outdoor-life. For sure being confronted with a lot of "very foreign things" and also the partly miserable living conditions aren't easy for children neither and therefore we have to plan the time carefully so that they have a joyful journey.


Let's discuss together how your child/ren will enjoy mostly their travel through Rajasthan.



From old to older


Rajasthan offers much of comfort due to old maharaja-pomp and modern achievements. Most of the roads are in good condition, the cars are for sure. The beds are soft, the room-temperature can be regulated by A/C and sometimes fireplaces, lot of places have access at the ground floor and the cooks are experienced with special food of any kind - in Rajasthan you can travel comfortly even if the body isn't anymore in best shape. On top of it there are everywhere numerous helpers, who give their hand during arising difficulties. The medical provision is well enough (even on the countryside you can call on doctors or drive quickly to the nearest hospital). Apart from that in Rajasthan people worship old age - a nice experience you cannot have everywhere at home.



A lot goes


Here is a lot similar as for senior people. Rajasthan can be travelled comfortly an many aspects. Niot everything is suitable for disabled people, but there are possibilities to cope. For sure the limitations are extremly different - please talk to us, what we have to consider on your tour. Who is disabled to see, will get in any case something for the nose and ears. Mostly we can find a solution and you will realise that the world is bigger and better accessible then it seems sometimes.




Pictures, Audio, Words etc.


Documentary, sound broadcasting, movie - we will get you interesting contacts, access to special opportunities, name or search for you desired locations, provide you with background-information and take most of the organisation from you.We have experience in journalism and are a professional partner for your project.