Alone, in pairs, threes and fours – Yangla Tours offers something for everyone.We like most to create individual tour-itineraries for single people up to bigger groups. Please have a look under Individual. For giving ideas, for orientation with prices and also for booking directly, there are the Packages, divided by destinations. Who likes to have an organised tour with company of friendly travel-compagnions will be happy on a Grouptour. Even if you don’t want to book with us, we like to give you advise – just click on Consulting without Booking. We are a reliable partner for Travel agencies, too. And on top of that we like to fulfill all extraordinary wishes and special requests, every possible and nearly impossible – see at Experts.




Yangla Tours creates in agreement with your wishes a travel-itinerary. You tell us about your wishes, we see together how we can put them in a nice tour and then you’ll get an offer without obligation.

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Here you find package-tours prepared by Yangla Tours, which you can book just like that or which we can change according to your wishes. These packages can be filled up with extra days, shortened or you like them just as they are. We also like to discuss with you about other travel-desires, which are not mentioned in these packages.

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We have a small but fine grouptour-offering. Small group-size, flexible organisation, slow and active ways of travelling (trekking, walking) and relaxed encounters with locals make our tours a special experience.

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Consulting without Booking


One doesn’t have to fix a booking with us to get advise related to a tour or a working period h India. How we think about this in more detailed, you can have a closer look here.

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Travel Agencies


You are a travel agent and have tours to India either already in your programme or not. We’d like to work with you! We have unbeatable arguments. Please let us convince you …

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You are travelling to India out of other then ordinary travel reasons. We can support you on different fields: contacts, travel-organisation, research…. We are curious to hear about your request!

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