Even if you don’t want to do an ordinary travelling, you might have some reasons to spend your time in India. Herewith we like to adress especially

  • Mediapeople (journalists, photographers, movie-makers etc.)
  • companys / businesspeople with special business-related interests in India
  • practicioners in several fields like spirituality, religion, healthcare, ecology, cooking, teaching ….

You might need some support

  • with research
  • with getting contacts to special people/companies/projects
  • with the organisation of travelling

We are resourceful! We have a good nose for the requirements of most different tasks. By own experience in several working- and life-places and a nearly inexhaustible network of contacts we are the most suitable partner for your project!


We enjoy to approach challenges – wether it is the transport of 200 kg of rocks for geologists or the travel-itinerary and the contacts for a radio-journalist – we like to engage for your request!


Marvel about our resourcefulness – and contact us via Mail.