The Kulu-Valley is with approx. 85 km between Largi and Manali the biggest valley in Himachal Pradesh. Therefore plus the most beautiful location it offers a lot for travellers. On top of that it is famous for the many tmeples with the deities. These awake yearly into life at Dussehra. A mal squad carries the deity on two poles on foot during an uninterrupted walk to Kulu, the main place. There they meet the big deity, develop a life on their own and get bathed in Beas-river. A great experience!


Manali, the finishing point of the valley, is approx. 570 km away from Delhi and located around 2.000 m. Surrounded by many forests and high mountains it is very popular with Indians for a holiday at Beas River. The whole Kulu-Valley is fertile, especially apples are growing plentiful. In several places (esp. Kullu, Naggar, Manali) there are accommodations of different kinds. The environment attracts with sightseeings (several Hindu-Temples, esp. Hadimba-Temple in Manali, castle and Roehrich-Gallery in Naggar, tibetan monastery, nunnery in Pangan, hot springs in Vashisht, traditonal wooden houses in Old Manali, weaving-mills etc.), walks and treks. Worthwhile is the walk to Bijli Mahadev (2 hrs. up, 1 back down), a temple with a great view mit zusätzlich einer tollen Aussicht. Another beautiful walk takes you from Naggar via Rumsu, Chachogar and a Krishna Temple back to Naggar (approx 3 hrs.). A long day-trek would be the Lama Dugh Tour. To Rothang-Pass there is nowadays an E-Bus for a day-trip.


Treks for several days are for example:

  • Hampta-Pass-Trek / 5 days
  • Deo Tibba Trek / 5 days
  • Beas Kund Trek / 4-5 days
  • Brighu Lake Trek / 3-4 days
  • Chandrakhani-Pass-Trek / 5 days

To Manali you get from Delhi either on a 16-hrs. night-bus-drive, per train to Chandigarh and the next day by car or local bus or the whole distance in 2 days by car. Also it is accesible in a day-drive from Dharamsala and Shimla.