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Here you get everything: from individual offers to organised grouptours, from the pre-organisation of a special part of your tour to the fulfillment of special travel desires, from package-tours to advise-without-booking, from travel-ideas to interesting travel-reports, for sure everything filled with lots of information as well as professional advise.


We are specialised in slow travelling, village tours, walking/trekking and meeting people.


Please be patient with us. We started operating in 2000 just targeting the german speaking market with a german-language website only. Now we open up for everywhere with an english version, too. But it takes quite a time to translate everything as the website is quite huge 😉 If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask, we are ready to serve everyone!


India is huge. Very huge. We are specialised in the North, but offer tours all over India. Here we introduce our main destinations more in detail.


A journey tailor-made for you!

As individual as you are, your journey to India should be! No matter wether you travel alone, with two, three.... very many, no matter in which destination you are interested - Yangla Tours will tailor an itinerary according to your wishes.

Build a journey out of package/s

For some destinations we prepared several packages which you can book just like that or modified due to your wishes. They emphasize different topics - get inspired by our ideas!

Meeting India together

We don't offer many group-tours - but these are something special. Small group-size, flexible organisation, slow, active ways of travelling (Trekking, Walking) and relaxed encounters with locals make our tours a special experience.


Consulting without Booking

One doesn't have to fix a booking for getting a consultation regarding a trip or working-period to/in India. How think about this please have a look here.

Working together with Yangla Tours

Wether you already have destinations in India in your offers or not , we like to cooperate with you! We are very convincing with our unbeatable advantages. Let us convince you....

There is nothing what we cannot organise

Well, maybe better to say "nearly nothing". Contacts, research, organisation - we offer our knowledge for your projects in India off the touristic sector.