The district Lahaul is located in the north of Himachal Pradesh. From Kuluvalley you get access into the region via Rothang-Pass, but it is difficult/only possible by foot after snowfall and closing of the pass. There is another possibility with the Kishtwar-Tandi-road, but that is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. So dangerous that we don’t offer that route (here is an interesting link).


The Rothang-Pass serves as a weather- and religion-division. The monsoon-clouds are downpouring here so that Lahaul is much drier. Buddhism and Hinduism as about equally represented. At Koksar the road meets Chandrabagha-river, on its shores village behind village. In Tandi is a junction. To the north the road leads to the district-capital Keylong on 3.350 m. Next to walks to the monasteries Khardong, Shashur and Tayul you can test your fitness on a hike with crossing a pass (4.600 m) to Gondhla. We strictly advise to take a guide!


The other diversion goes to Triloknath and Udaipur, both villages with interesting temples in the beautiful Pattan-Valley. From Udaipur there is a dead-end road inot the Miyar-Valley, an especially beautiful Valley with Homestay-overnight-options. From there are many possibilities of summit-tours, bouldering and also trekkings, which have quite often glacier-parts included.


Whole Lahaul isn’t overflown by tourism, but offers witht the mixture of religions, variety of cultures and most beautiful diversified mountainous landscape enough appeal for a journey. Many rarely walked trekking-paths attract to explore this wonderful part of India. Only the landslides and sometimes dangerous road-conditions are challenging a smooth travelling and you might be urged to change your itinerary.