Kinnaur is a northeastern district in Himachal Pradesh. It is accesible by road from the South from Shimla. Minimum altitude is1.200 m, many mountain peaks are above 6.000 m. The most famous one is the for buddhist and hindu holy Kinner Kailash nearby the small capital Recong Peo. Kinnaur has many small villages, which make their living dominantly by agriculture. Especially tasty are the apples and dried fruits. Worth seeing is the Bhimakali Tempel in Sarahan, the pittoresque Sangla-Valley, the beautful village Kalpa on 2.800 m and the lake in Nako on 3.600 m. The highway continues towrds North to the Spiti-Valleyl.


In the East Kinnaur borders Tibet/China, that means that if you want to go further than Rekong Peo, you need a special permit, which you easily get there or in Shimla.


The people from Kinnauri are not a homogeneous folk, but have different roots. Hinduism and Buddhism are spread equal. It is definitly a region, which is inviting for discovery. Off the beaten track of the route to Spiti there is a lot to see and explore.